That was the greatest gift. Honestly, if someone were to ask, “What do you do as an actor?” I would say, “If you have the time and you want to do it fairly, then watch the 13 episodes of Terriers. If you like it, great, and if you don’t, fair enough, but that’s it, man.” That was the best situation I’ve ever been in as an actor, in terms of writers and what kind of part I was given: a guy who’s kind of an everyman, who’s sometimes his own worst enemy but is a good guy at heart. Then there’s my relationship with Michael Raymond-James, who played Britt, and my sister [Karina Logue] played my schizophrenic sister on the show. There was so much stuff about Terriers that was so near and dear to my heart. 

[Hesitates.] I’m not a rich guy—I’ve made stupid decisions in my life, I’ve backed businesses that have gone to shit, I live in an apartment—but when Terriers went down the drain, I really was like, “Well, at least I have my truck-driving license. I should just go drive a truck. I can’t deal with this shit anymore.” I couldn’t really afford to do it, but I just felt like quitting. Because I’d gotten so super emotionally attached to that show.

- Donal Logue

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    Watching this now with friends. It’s an interesting show. Plus John Rogers likes it, which is all the recommendation you...
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    This is on Netflix right now - go watch it. It’s really something special.
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    I love him, I loved this show, the end.
  17. heartgoesfirst said: i miss this show. :( sadly, walked away from it with admiration for both logue and raymond-james. wish they were on better shows now or you know, THIS SHOW.
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